Ramp fish. Stingray fish lifestyle and habitat

Features and habitat of stingray fish Stingray fish is the oldest inhabitant of the water depths. Stingrays are mysterious creatures. They, along with sharks - their closest relatives - are the oldest old-timers in the depths of the waters. These creatures have so many interesting features, which differ from other representatives of the fauna floating in the water.

Hedgehog Fish - Spiky Deadly Ball

Hedgehog fish is a leisurely fish that swells into a ball, sensing danger. At rest, the spikes are tightly pressed to the body of the fish, but if something threatens it, the outgrowth of its stomach is filled with water, so the fish instantly swells. Predators do not dare to attack a spiky large ball. Description of hedgehog fish Most often, these fish have an average length of 30 centimeters, but they can reach a maximum of 90 centimeters.

Hungarian survived or Pointing Dog

The Hungarian Pointing Dog, or the Hungarian Survival, or the Magyar Survival is a well-known hunting dog with an interesting history of origin, presented in accordance with the IFF in two breeds: the Hungarian Shorthair (according to standard 57) and the Hungarian Wirehair (according to standard 239). The history of the breed Vyzhly appeared at the end of the seventeenth century.

Dogue de bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux (previously spelled "Bordeaux"), also called French or Bordeaux mastiff, is a breed that is distinguished by its special masculinity, calm loving character and excellent protective qualities. There is an opinion that beauty is a harmonious functionality: then this peculiar dog is certainly beautiful.

Coastal Taipan

The coastal Taipan, or Taipan (Oxyuranus scutellatus) is a representative of the genus of extremely poisonous snakes belonging to the family of aspids. Large-sized Australian snakes, whose bites are considered the most dangerous of all modern snakes, before developing a special antidote, caused the death of victims in more than 90% of cases.

Mesh python

Domain: Eukaryotes Kingdom: Animals Subdomain: Eumethazoi Without rank: Two-sided symmetrical Without rank: Second-winged Type: Chordate Subtype: Vertebrate Infratype: Maxillary Supraclass: Four-legged Class: Arachnid Subclass: Diapsids Infraclass: Lepidosaur Squid: Lepidosaur Squid: Lepidosaurus Suborder: Snakes Infraorder: Alethinophidia Superfamily: Pythonoidea Family: Pythons Genus: Real pythons Species: Reticulated python Reticulated python is a non-poisonous snake, the longest in the world.