Animal World of Ukraine

Ukraine has a multifaceted amazing nature. On its territory there are forests, meadows, steppes, mountain areas and water bodies.

About forty-five thousand representatives of the fauna inhabit the vastness of the country. Various animal living conditions contributed to their uneven distribution in Ukraine. But there are such species of wild animals that live almost throughout the country.

Bustard is an inhabitant of Ukrainian lands.

An example would be a fox, a hare, a common ferret, a marten, a hedgehog, bats, and many others. Of the birds, one can say about such as the crow, rook, jackdaw, magpie, cuckoo, sparrow, swallow, woodpecker and tit.

Ukrainian forests have become a haven for moose. They appeared in the middle of the twentieth century, through natural resettlement from the territory of Belarus. It feeds on “dried” lichen, moss, mushrooms and various vegetation. They swim well and run pretty fast.

A cuckoo is one that cuckoos in Ukrainian forests.

Perfectly adapted to life in the forests of Ukraine and wild boar. It feeds mainly on acorns, fruits and rhizomes, but sometimes eats small animals and carrion. Despite the fact that the boar is very awkward, it is fast and swims well. To attract a female during the mating season, wild boars organize tough contests. A wounded individual or a female with her brood can be dangerous to humans.

Under the roots of trees you can see a fox hole, which necessarily has several exits. This predator shows cunning and ingenuity in search of food. Her victims are field mice, hares, hedgehogs, birds and earthworms. She has a wonderful sense of smell and hearing.

Soma are the inhabitants of numerous rivers in Ukraine.

There are many birds in the forest zone, such as hazel grouse, black grouse, capercaillie, blackbird and starling.

The steppe zone has its own characteristic animals. Gopher is a small rodent that feeds on plants, seeds and insects. Digs holes to two meters in depth. Each of them has up to eight of these "real estate". Large jerboa - leads a solitary lifestyle. It can reach speeds of up to forty kilometers per hour and jump a distance of one meter. Steppe pestle - similar to a vole, but different stripe on the back. It turns out to be a victim of weasels, ermines, owls, foxes.

White amur.

The Lark is a migratory bird with a camouflage color, and a crest appears on its head. Nature gave the males wonderful vocal abilities. Poultry, depending on climatic conditions, may lay a second egg laying in June.

The bustard is ordinary - the largest flying bird weighing up to sixteen kilograms.
Of the adjoining, an yellow-bellied snake, a steppe viper, adapted to life in open spaces.

A wild boar.

Unique Carpathian massifs amaze with their beauty. Brown bears, red deer, wolves, forest cats, lynxes, newts, squirrels live in them. Spotted salamanders are found. Their stocky black body is adorned with yellow spots that warn other animals that their owner is poisonous. Of the birds, a black woodpecker, eagle, golden eagle, kite, peregrine falcon and owl nest.

Sea and freshwater bodies are full of a variety of fish. Rivers, ponds and lakes are famous for pikes, catfish, crucian carp, perches and tench. Commercial fish, such as bream, common carp, grass carp, silver carp and pike perch, fill reservoirs.


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