Cow mastered dentures

Among Internet users, a video showing a cow that severely damaged the front legs and which installed prostheses is becoming increasingly popular.

Now she is taking only the first steps and therefore moves rather uncertainly.

However, the quality of the installed prostheses gives us confidence that this inconvenience is only temporary.

Faun - a cow on dentures.

From the comments on the video posted online, the cow's name is Faun, and she lives in an animal shelter, which is located somewhat north of New York. In this shelter, crippled pets not only live, but also are treated and undergo rehabilitation.

While Burenka walks on dentures only 2 hours a day.

So far, a cow wears prostheses for only two hours a day. She damaged her forelimbs at birth. Since the veterinarians who worked with the cow were not able to immediately prescribe adequate treatment, they wanted to euthanize her. However, she was rescued by zooprotectors who came to the rescue. However, although her legs were operated on, she never started walking. However, this did not bother the shelter staff and they managed to find a successful solution to this problem.

Faun is an inhabitant of a usual animal shelter.

Fortunately, cases when animals in which, it would seem, had no chance of leading a normal life, often happen. For example, in Thailand, one elephant was seriously injured when she stepped on a mine, but the veterinarians managed to save her. A prosthesis was also made for her, and with her help she learned to walk, and in a fairly short time. Such cases are certainly pleasing.

Upset another: there are even more cases when, thanks to human intervention in completely healthy animals, the chance of a healthy life disappears.

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