Madagascar cockroach

As the name implies, the Madagascar cockroach lives on the island of Madagascar and is an endemic species.

A characteristic feature of the insect is a kind of hiss, which is emitted by representatives of both sexes during danger. With this sound, the insects try to scare off the enemy, since the sound made by the Madagascar cockroach resembles the hiss of a snake.

Madagascar cockroach (Gromphadorhina portentosa).

The appearance of the Madagascar cockroach

Madagascar cockroach is a large tropical insect, which is also known as the Madagascar hissing cockroach. The length of the insect is 5-8 cm.

Madagascar cockroaches are wingless insects. They move quite quickly on an absolutely smooth, vertical surface, for example, on glass.

These insects are kept as pets.

Males have a contrasting color, but smaller than females in size. Whiskers or antennas in males are longer and covered with more hairs than in females. On the main part of the thoracic section of the males, where the front pair of legs is located, there are two outgrowths. Females do not have such an outgrowth.

The upper body of the cockroach is brown, the lower part is much darker. Dark spots located on the sides of males are more pronounced.

Cockroach lifestyle from Madagascar

Favorite habitats of the insect are rotting fallen trees. You can find this cockroach on the trunk and branches of trees.

Cockroaches from Madagascar love to settle in old trees.

During the breeding season, males also make hissing sounds, releasing air from the respiratory openings with force, thereby attracting females. The chances of reciprocity are directly proportional to the volume of the sound being made.

In nature, the Madagascar cockroach lives up to 2 years. Can live longer in captivity - about 3 years. There have been cases when this species survived to the age of 5 years.

These insects do not live long.


Madagascar cockroaches do not lay eggs. After a two-month incubation period inside the female’s body, small cockroaches appear. Their number varies from 20 to 40. They are completely white with black eyes. During the day, the color of the cockroaches changes to brown.

Representatives of this species develop to adulthood within six months. During this time, molting occurs 4 times and puberty last occurs. 6 months after birth, the Madagascar cockroach becomes capable of breeding.

This is a moult.

Cockroach as a pet

This type of insect can be kept in captivity, it is well bred. It is necessary to equip the insectarium at the rate of 500 cubic centimeters per insect. The temperature necessary for the life of such insects is 25-30 degrees heat. It is important to maintain a certain level of humidity. To do this, it is necessary to spray the insectarium with water once a day.

The thickness of the litter of leaves, sawdust, sand and paper (rags) should be 2-3 cm. At least 1 time per month it is necessary to change the litter. Madagascar cockroach is a nocturnal insect and avoids bright light. Therefore, you need to make shelter from a cardboard box or corrugated egg tray.

In captivity, these insects feel good.

To avoid the spread of these insects throughout the house, it is imperative to keep the insect repository securely closed. You can cover it with a mosquito net.

We must not forget that in nature cockroaches need water, so you need to install a drinking bowl. However, do not lose with its size. In a deep container, the cockroach can simply drown. As a drinking bowl, a plastic lid is best suited, on which a piece of cotton wool is placed, abundantly dipped in water. As the piece dries, it needs to be moistened or another cotton wool laid.

Madagascar cockroach eats everything that they give him. But it’s best to feed him fruits and vegetables and not necessarily fresh. This type of insect is omnivorous, eats stale, rotten food with pleasure. In order for the insect carapace to be strong, calcium must be included in its diet.

In some countries, these insects are eaten.

This type of insect is completely harmless and harmless. The worst thing a Madagascar cockroach can do is sizzle loudly. An interesting feature of females of this species, they also know how to whistle. Therefore, the sounds that these large insects emit are quite diverse. But you can quickly get used to it.

In some Asian countries, such as Thailand, Madagascar cockroaches are eaten fried. Food lovers say the cockroach tastes like ham. The cockroach contains a lot of proteins and absolutely no fat. However, whatever some food addictions may be, first of all, Madagascar cockroach is a pet. Many people do not keep at home a dog or a cat, but cockroaches from the distant island of Madagascar and care about them. But how could it be otherwise? After all, they are the same pets.

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