Mayasaurus - dinosaur

Mayazavr is a large ornithopod of the family of duckbill dinosaurs. Translated from Latin Maiasaura means Lizard-mother. This creature lived on Earth in the late Cretaceous period 75-65 million years ago. Mayazaurs were quite large dinosaurs and reached a length of 9 meters, a height of 3 meters and a weight of up to 6 tons.

One day, American paleontologists Jack Horner and Robert Mackela visited a fossil store in Montana and discovered what they thought were the bones of a baby Hadrosaurus. It was 1978, and from that moment the story of the discovery of the Mayazavrs originates. Scientists became interested in the fossilized remains and rushed to the place where the bones were discovered.

Mayasaur (lat.Maiasaura)

Excavations carried out in that place by Horner, Makela and their colleagues yielded amazing results. Paleontologists managed to find fourteen nests, 31 cubs and 42 eggs. As it turned out, this was only the beginning in a series of wonderful finds. A few years later, in 1984, Horner discovered more than 10,000 remains of the dead Mayazavrs in the osseous layer. Now it is impossible to find out for certain why the animals died. Researchers suggest that they were killed by a volcanic eruption.

Mayasaur cubs in the nest.

Much evidence has been discovered that the Mayazaurs were excellent parents. The female built a bowl-like nest of sand and mud and lined it with soft plants.

Colony of Mayasaurs.

Females built nests in whole colonies, at night curling around their masonry, warming it. The nests were approximately 2 meters in diameter and 0.9-1.2 meters deep. Mayazavra hatching from an egg was only 35 cm long, but by the age of two months it became twice as large. Mothers fed their offspring by chewing plant foods and then burping them for their children.

Life-sized mayasaur models.

A large number of molars, discovered by scientists, proves the assumption that the Mayazaurs fed on plant foods: leaves and shoots of plants. Strong molars frayed coarse plant material. In general, the Mayazavras were peaceful herbivores.

A variant of the appearance of the mayasaur.

According to numerous fossil footprints of animals, scientists have determined that the Mayazaurs lived in herds, like most hadrosaurs and moved on four legs. Animals had to periodically migrate in search of new pastures. Mayasaurs fought off predators due to their multiplicity.

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