Nibelung cat. Description, features, care and price of a cat Nibelung

Nibelung cats are friendly "children of the fog"

Many have probably heard of the mythical Nibelungs, that is, of the small Scandinavian creatures that preserve the ancient treasures. Translated, their name means "children of the fog." It so happened that at the end of the last century, pets appeared with the exact same name - nibelung cats.

One would think that the same name is a common coincidence. In fact, the name of the world is due to the programmer from the United States - Cora Cobb. In the early 80s, an American took an unusual long-haired blue kitten, who was born from the love of a cat, very similar to the Russian blue, only a long-haired and short-haired African cat.

The programmer called the young cat Siegfried in honor of Wagner’s opera The Ring of the Nibelungs. Siegfried laid the foundation for a new breed. True, blue nibelung cat For a long time was not considered a separate breed. Recognition came only in 1995.

Description of the breed Nibelung

Many are still convinced that the American is just a kind of Russian blue cats. Nibelung photo shows that the pet externally differs only in long hair. However, “foggy” cats have their own beauty standards:

  • a small wedge-shaped head with a high forehead;
  • flat profile;
  • a straight line of the nose, and the nose itself should be gray;
  • long graceful neck;
  • large, wide ears that seem to lean forward;
  • eyes are large, round, necessarily green (up to 4 months may be yellow);
  • long straight luxurious tail;
  • small round paws, gray pads.

Special attention is paid to the quality of the coat. The fur of the Nibelungs is soft and silky. Cats wear a dense undercoat, but at the same time, the wool never rolls down to the tassels. Each hair at the end is bleached. It is because of this property that cats always seem to be in a little fog.

If you often bathe a Nibelung, the coat may lose its blue tint.

Only one color is recognized by the breeders of these unique animals - blue with silver tints. Pets of white and black are no longer a breed of Nibelungs. The cats themselves are graceful. These are very light animals. Rarely, their weight reaches 5 kilograms, usually it varies from 2.5 to 4 kilograms.

Live "children of the fog" for 12-15 years. This is an average indicator, often representatives of the breed live up to 20 years. The owners of the blue furry are sure that describe a nibelung cat in one word - harmony. According to reviews, their soft appearance is fully consistent with the inner world of the animal.

Breed features

By the character of the Nibelung cat very modest and obedient. They are not talkative, and the animal’s voice itself is quite quiet. Cats themselves hate noise. Delicate cats try to hide from screams and scandals, and more active ones engage in battle with a source of loud sounds.

Breeders call Nibelung cats “harmony”

In general, these are very kind animals that are bored alone. If the Nibelung begins to behave strangely, for example, refuses food or ceases to "get" into the tray, then most likely the pet, in this way, tries to attract attention.

Perhaps lately he lacks care and communication. Therefore, workaholic owners are encouraged to think about the company for their pet. The blue cat is able to find a common language with other pets. What is noteworthy, the pets themselves determine their owner.

It is to him that they “sing” their tender songs, climb on their knees and try their best to express their love and devotion. The rest of the household is content simply with friendliness cats. Nibelug breed distinguished by a cautious attitude towards strangers. Pets will pet and play only with familiar people.

Nibelung cat care and nutrition

"Misty" pussies do not require extraordinary care. Firstly, because of their miniature size, they can live even in very small city apartments. Secondly, cats of this breed are distinguished by excellent health.

At the same time, those who want to buy a Nibelung cat should take into account that they will have to carefully monitor their hair. It is recommended to comb out the cat at least twice a week. This is done to remove dead and damaged hairs.

Water procedures, in turn, adversely affect the quality of the fur. Therefore, it is worth taking a bath only as a last resort. If you can’t do without washing, it is important to choose a quality shampoo. The detergent should not be yellow or pink, otherwise the fur will lose its unique shade.

It is also not recommended to sunbathe the Nibelungs for a long time. The sun's rays can turn an elite blue cat almost into a red one. Experts recommend feeding the animal high-quality natural food. If this is not possible, then premium dry feeds are suitable.

Again, because of the color, food for the Nibelungs needs to be selected carefully. In the diet should not be buckwheat porridge, algae, carrots, liver and other products containing large amounts of iodine. All this can adversely affect the color of the coat. At the same time, it is good if the cat will eat special feeding with vitamins of groups A and B, as well as with sulfur.

Nibelung cat price

It is not so easy to find a thoroughbred kitten in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. There are no official nurseries in any of the capitals. Russia can only boast of a St. Petersburg Nibelungen cattery called the Northern Star.

However, on the Internet there are a lot of ads for the sale of "foggy kittens". It’s important to understand that not every blue beast is Nibelung. Price of cats with American roots ranges from 15 to 75 thousand. In the nursery without booking a kitten can be bought for 55 thousand rubles.

With booking, and expensive to an unusual animal, it will be another 10-20 thousand more expensive. The happy owners of the Nibelungs say in a voice that every ruble spent on an animal has paid off with the golden character of the pet and its unique external data.

Those who dream of a magical beast, but cannot afford it, should take a closer look at Russian blue cats. The characters in animals are similar, but in appearance they differ only in the length of the coat.

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