Shiba Inu. Description and features of the breed. Shiba Inu price

Shiba Inu Japanese Four-legged Friend

Dogs differ among themselves not only in character, but also in breed. The variety of rocks just rolls over, so sometimes it becomes difficult to make a choice in favor of one of them.

Shiba Inu breed quite rare in our area. And this is not surprising, because shiba inu - This is a Japanese hunting dog. It was bred for hunting in dense thickets of game birds, however, this dog was often used for hunting bear and wild boars.

Description and characteristics of the Shiba Inu breed

This is a very ancient breed, it exists about 2500 years. It was bred from three small Japanese dogs, the main purpose of the breed is hunting. Dog shibo inu is the most popular and widespread breed in Japan.

This breed is small, the weight of an adult does not exceed twelve kilograms. Life expectancy usually exceeds thirteen years. Shiba inu dog can have any color, but sand is most often found.

In fact, this is a very beautiful breed. Photo Shibo Inu emphasize the beauty of this breed. She has a thick coat, so very often it looks like a plush toy that you just want to touch. If you still haven't seen dog lovers Shiba Inu, photo help you realize the beauty of this breed.

If we talk about character, then he is quite independent. The dog loves his master very much, but requires independence. The dog loves to demonstrate that it can do well without a master, but this property is characteristic of almost all hunting breeds. Amazing but dog breed shiba inu is a great security guard.

Shiba Inu at home

Japanese Shiba Inu more designed to live in an aviary or private home. In the apartment, alas, it will be tight with her. The dog loves freedom very much, because it is very independent, it can find activities for itself, but for this you need a private house. Otherwise, you risk that she will find classes in the apartment for the destruction of shoes and furniture.

Considering that the dog’s coat is very thick, then during molting your house will be covered with a carpet of her coat. However, this dog is very clean. Starting at three weeks of age shiba inu puppies stop shitting in the place where they live, which is an undoubted advantage of this breed.

Shiba Inu puppy pictured

This breed is very energetic, therefore it can not be started to people who are limited in time. This breed is perfect either for hunters, as it will be a great helper, or for very active people.

It is worth noting that the dog gets along well with children, but it does not get along with other animals. Therefore, you should refuse to choose this breed if you already have some kind of animal. And if you live in a private house, then you will have to carefully hide chickens, geese, turkeys, since the shiba inu dog has very strong hunting instincts.

Given that the dog is difficult to train, it should not be started for those who first decided to take the dog. Even experienced dog breeders are better off turning to professionals for help with training.

Shiba Inu Care

As mentioned above, dogs have a very thick coat. She constantly needs to be combed, and during shedding it needs to be done two to three times a day. If, nevertheless, the dog lives in an apartment, then long, exhausting walks are necessary for the dog to spend energy. In food, the dog is not whimsical, so it can eat both dry food and natural food.

Shiba Inu is a great hunter

You should not bathe the dog once again, so as not to wash off its natural protection from the skin. Be sure to treat the shiba inu from ticks and fleas, since finding a tick in such a thick coat is not an easy task.

If we talk about the health of this breed, then they are often prone to dysplasia of the hip joints. Also very often in this breed there is a sharp deterioration in vision. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor your health shiba inu to buy it can, of course, be undocumented, but it is better when choosing a puppy to fully study its heredity so that later the puppy grows healthy.

Price for Shiba Inu

Given that this breed is quite rare in our country, it is best to get a puppy in a kennel. They will help you with the choice, explain the features of this breed, help with training.

Pictured is a Japanese Shiba Inu dog.

It’s not easy to choose a puppy shiba inu, priceAs a rule, it starts from 40 000 rubles. However, this is not a very large sum for an elite puppy of this breed. Given that these dogs are rare, you can easily exhibit your pet at exhibitions.

In fact, the Shiba Inu is a very interesting breed, with its own characteristics. Having a puppy, you will get a great friend, a wonderful guard, as well as a great hunter. Before taking a puppy shiba inu, everything should be carefully weighed and considered, since the dog needs a lot of attention and care from the owner.

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