Canaan dog

The Canaanite dog impresses with its story. One had only to think: completely domesticated, trusting people, she was forced to survive in the wild. And survived. How this happened, we will describe in this article. This is one of the most hardy breeds. As in ancient times, and now people use it for work: it perfectly displays protective qualities, copes with the work of a shepherd, rescuer, security guard, and police officer. It easily tolerates heat, not subject to thermal overheating.

This is the national breed of Israel. Dog handlers joke that this is the only breed that executes commands only in Hebrew. Whether it is an innate stubbornness or a myth, one can be convinced only by personally meeting this amazing four-legged beast and, of course, by reading our article.

History of breed origin

The history of the breed begins more than 2000 years BC in Israel. There is evidence that the Canaanite dogs lived at the court of Queen Jezebel, who was the wife of Ahab, king of ancient Israel. This queen was distinguished by an extremely nasty and cruel character, but nevertheless the dogs sat right at her feet and accompanied her on walks. This once again suggests that animals love us not for character and personal qualities, but because we simply exist in their lives.

In fact, these were ancient stray dogs. The shepherds took them with them for grazing and actively used them on the farm as assistants. So this breed successfully developed, strengthened. For both man and dog, the tandem was productive and profitable.

As time passed, a period of wars with the Romans began in Israel. People perished and animals perished. Fortunately, the breed was not completely exterminated, since the most intelligent and adapted to life individuals escaped away from people. In the Negev desert, for many centuries, a Canaanite dog tried to survive, find food and adapt. Young growth did not know a man and was absolutely run wild.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, in Palestine, the famous Israeli dog breeders Rudolf Mendel and his wife were given the task - they need to breed a breed that would be suitable for the guard of distant Jewish settlements. It was supposed to be a healthy, hardy, strong and smart dog.

The couple remembered the wild desert dog, because it was thanks to their remarkable health and ability to adapt to harsh environmental conditions that they survived as a species. Mendelie began to re-domesticate adult dogs and select puppies. As a result, a multi-functional breed appeared, which was a watchman, shepherd, companion, security guard, messenger, sentry. Once again, the Canaanite dog easily carried out everything that a person demanded of her.

During World War II, these dogs looked for mines, better than mechanical identifiers. After the war, the dogs were re-trained as a guide for the visually impaired and the breed coped with this function "perfectly". Later, jobs in search and rescue activities and in police stations were added to the professions of Canaan. In 1953, the Israel Kennel Club registered the Canaan Dog. In 1992, the breed was officially recognized by the United Kennel Club, and in 1997 it was approved by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Description of the Canaan Dog

For description, FCI standard No. 273 of 1999 was taken. Hannanese dog belongs to the group of Spitz. Country of Origin: Israel. Sexual dimorphism is very pronounced: males are much more massive than bitches. These dogs are characterized by a light and fast gait, energetic trot. The movements are necessarily correct.

Dogs must also be agile and hardy.

Breed standards

  • General form: average body size.
  • Body type: harmonious, proportional.
  • Height: 48-58 cm in females. 50-60 cm in males.
  • Weight: 15-20 kg in bitches. 20-25 kg in males.
  • Head: medium in size, tapered with the correct proportions. To the ears, the shape of the head expands. The skull is flat, wide. A rounded skull with a smooth transition from the forehead to the muzzle. Powerful jaws. The eyes are almond-shaped, dark. Mandatory dark rim of the eyes. Ears are short and erect, rounded at the ends. Set low. Nose: black. Lips tightly closed. Strong jaws. Scissor bite.
  • Neck: medium, muscular.
  • Body: square with a tucked up belly. The withers are pronounced. Straight back. Quite a wide chest area.
  • Tail: Medium in size with thick coat. May be lowered down or curled into a ring.
  • Limbs: Well balanced, straight. Logtis fit tightly on the ostyak. Powerful hind legs. Strong, muscular thighs. Paws are round, with springy pads, strong.
  • Wool: profuse undercoat is expressed. The coat is straight and stiff. A collar is noticeably pronounced on the neck. If the representative’s coat is short, then the collar appears as elongated hairs in the chest and neck.
  • Colors: shades of brown from sand to brick brown, black, white, black and white. The most common colors are sand, gold, cream, red. A mask may occur, but it must be symmetrical. For all colors, a black mask and white markings are allowed. Forbidden: gray, tricolor, brindle and black and tan colors.

Canaan dogs have double hair, but they tolerate both drought and high humidity.

Important! Males should have two distinctly visible testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Any individual demonstrating deviations both in the physical plane and at the level of behavior must be immediately disqualified.

Dog character

From the history of the breed, we know that the dog has been in the company of people for a long time, then for a long time it developed in the wild. Therefore, in the character there are some features. The dog prefers to stay close to the person, but does not show open affection. These are pack animals and hierarchy is important to them. Family essentially replaces the pack. And the character traits of the Hannans include the desire for rivalry for leadership with man. It is important that the owner shows constancy and firmness in his behavior and then there will be no problems.

The children are very friendly and located. But he does not tolerate cruelty and open obsession with himself, without making any distinction between an adult and a child. She treats strangers with suspicion and wariness.

Important! If a good contact of the dog is an important characteristic for you, it is worth starting its socialization from puppyhood. To do this, introduce new people as much as possible, give a variety of toys, enrich the environment with new smells.

One of the characteristic features associated with society is the “phase of fear" - a period from 9 months to a year. At this time, the dog begins to behave strangely: very afraid of strangers, new objects, situations. This is due to the genetic memory of the ancestors. The period of survival without a man in the desert did not pass without a trace. Newborn puppies were completely and completely protected by their mothers, but when the individual grew up, she had to learn to survive on her own. The transition from puppy to adolescence begins at 8-9 months.

In the wild conditions of the desert, only those who were especially vigilant and cautious, sniffed and listened to rustles, did not fit good-naturedly at unfamiliar objects, because they could bite, inject poison, and immobilize. Plus, young animals had to be on guard in relation to relatives. After all, large males, defending the territory and fighting for the females, could severely cripple them. It should be noted that the phase of fear passes independently usually by the year with a favorable environment and understanding on the part of people.

However, aggression in relation to an individual of the same sex in this breed persists throughout life. And Canaan does not seek to make friends with the breeds of other dogs. It shows aggression to cats, rodents. Apparently, all for the same reason of the "desert period". Anything smaller in size was automatically considered feed. Otherwise it would not survive. But if you bring up a dog and a cat together since childhood, they will get along well in the future.

This breed belongs to the owner with devotion and care. Always ready to be a companion, assistant in business. This is a sensitive guardian of the peace of the family. Any minor dangers are immediately notified by a loud bark. It is worth considering this fact in advance if you cannot stand sharp, piercing sounds. By nature, it is a very soft, kind dog. Perhaps, due to such a difficult fate of her ancestors, she became more sensitive to trust. But if the family loves her, then she unconditionally and wholeheartedly trusts a person.

Life span

Standard, as with most other dogs: 12-15 years old. The presence and absence of genetic diseases, as well as belonging to the purebred origin of the breed, affects life expectancy.

Keeping a Canaan Dog

The ideal conditions for keeping this dog are free-range in the yard. The apartment can contain, but these are quite active animals. It is necessary to observe certain requirements in order to make everyone comfortable. Constantly kept in an aviary and on a chain is highly discouraged.

Care and hygiene

Grooming a Canaanite dog is classically simple, but that does not mean that it is limited to combing. Hair care: the breed has a short and hard hairline. Wool should be brushed once a week. Shedding happens twice a year. At this time, it is worth combing out more often and thoroughly. You can use slicker. For a regular comb, a stiff bristle brush is suitable.

Nail cutting, brushing your teeth, ears: regularly as needed. You should examine the nose, mouth, ears, paws for damage, scratches, rashes, parasites. You should be accustomed to brushing your teeth from an early age. Perform the procedure every 3-4 days. An examination of the oral cavity for tartar should also be done regularly. This will allow you to remove it in the office of a veterinarian in a timely manner and without complications.

Bathing: rarely. The dog has no characteristic odor and is very clean. Interesting: all the same wild ancestors awarded her such a feature. Escaping predators and aggressive tribesmen is easier if the animal does not leave a smell. Since the smell secreted by the secretion of the skin is a passport in the animal world. It determines sex, state of health, the time when the owner was in a particular area, and many other significant parameters.

Canaan Dog Diet

The basis of natural feeding should be meat. Important elements containing animal protein are also offal, eggs and fish. On days when the stomach rests and an offal is given, it is worth increasing.

Meat is more high in calories, so less is needed. Eggs are given no more than twice a week.

  • Dairy products: yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk - every 4 days.
  • Cereals: rice, buckwheat, oat, corn. These are sources of carbohydrates. But giving porridge is not worth every day.
  • Vegetables: raw and boiled. In order for the dog to eat vegetables, they should be mixed with meat.
  • Very beneficial for digestion vegetable oils. They are added one spoonful to any other feed.
  • Vitamins and minerals essential for the diet. To choose a multivitamin complex, you should consult with your veterinarian.

Important! Exclude: sweet, salty, flour, potatoes, beans, smoked, spicy.

If the owner chooses dry balanced feed, it is preferable to pay attention to super-premium feed, as they contain natural meat. And holistic feeds generally consist of natural processed meat. Feeding good dry food is safe for the health of the dog and convenient for the owner, as the daily norm of food is written on the package.

Serving sizes are easy to find. In addition, the lines of expensive dry feed take into account the individual characteristics of each dog. Ancient Jewish wisdom says: "We are not so rich people to buy cheap things." Indeed, it is much cheaper to buy high-quality food and not worry about the animal’s health, than constantly treating it for problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, allergies, etc.

Super premium class feed

  • Royal Canin (Initially, the food was produced by France. A Russian producer has also appeared).
  • Hills (USA)
  • Grandorf (Belgium)
  • Acana (Canada)
  • Arden Grande (England)
  • Almo Nature (Italy)
  • Brit Care (Czech Republic)
  • Bozita (Switzerland)
  • Belcando (Germany)
  • Dukes Farm (England)

With any type of food, dogs need access to fresh water. After eating, the dog needs to rest so that the food is absorbed correctly.

Diseases and birth defects

Veterinarians refer to the pedigree diseases of Canaan dogs:

  • Epilepsy. In dogs, it usually manifests itself at the age of 2-4 years.
  • Lymphosarcoma;
  • Angiohemophilia;
  • Thrombopathy
  • Allergy. Accompanied by itching. Scratching can cause bacterial infection.
  • Dysplasia of the hip and elbow joints is rare, but it occurs.

Important! The dog gets sick most often due to external adverse factors: improper care, maintenance and feeding.

Parenting and training

The dog learns new tricks, teams and exercises very quickly. A few repetitions are enough and she grasps the principle. Very intelligent and quick-witted. But there is a catch in this: being smart, she shows independence in behavior. If he does not consider it important to do something, then he simply does not do it. It is also capable of sabotaging a training session if the coach has not gained authority from it. But even more, the Canaanite dog does not suffer brutal suppression by force, in which case it will simply run away or defend itself. It’s better to positively reinforce the dog’s motivation and then you can get an obedient, well-bred student.

Important! Walking in the fresh air should be daily at least an hour in the morning and evening.

A dog with an active character that needs a sufficient level of physical activity. If energy is not given, the canaan can become nervous, aggressive, and can also bark "for no reason." This behavior is just an alarm for the owner. This means that the person did not organize the proper conditions for the pet. Passive, lazy people shouldn’t even have dogs in order not to torment them.

This breed loves to explore the territory, roam, run. He loves to dig the earth. It is important to consider that a dozen pits, holes, passages, or digs may appear in the garden after unattended walks. Teaching tricks, teams and just cultivating good manners should be systematic, clearly built from simple to complex. It is important to consider the individual characteristics of each puppy. Exercises should not be monotonous and boring. If the owner understands that he can’t cope with the upbringing of the animal, you should contact a canine specialist as soon as possible.

Buy canaan dog

Most likely, you will have to buy a puppy of a Canaan dog either in her homeland, in Israel, or in Poland. It is there that the breeders strive to maintain the cleanliness of the puppy line. In Russia, unfortunately, there are no nurseries.

What to look for

Pay attention to the behavior of the puppy:

  • How it reacts to a person.
  • How it behaves in general: active and cheerful or lethargic and painful.
  • Are the eyes and ears clean. Does the fur shine. Is your appetite healthy?
  • How puppy parents behave. What is their character and whether there were problems in education.

In addition, it is important that the puppy has all the documents and all the necessary vaccinations.In the official nursery, all documentation is provided and there is no difficulty. Of course, you can buy a puppy without documents, with your hands. It will be cheaper and easier, but then it is important to understand that unforeseen difficulties in the behavior of the dog may arise. Surfacing character traits that are not prescribed by the standard. And if a person takes a pet, he should be ready to go through life with him to the end. What difficulties would not arise. Refusing an animal is a crime.

Canaan Dog Puppy Price

From 3000 to 6000 dollars. But prices are set by the nursery, and they can change.

Owner reviews

Owners rate this dog positively.. The external beauty of the animal is noted. I like their deep and kind look. Indeed, the dog is very hardy, active, healthy. This is a clean beast. One of the main virtues of the Canaanite dog is its devotion. This is a great friend and companion. Unpretentious in maintenance, for the owner and his family is ready to give his life. Almost perfect family dog. Madly in love with children and all family members.

Watch the video: Dogs 101 - Canaan Dog (February 2020).

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