Ragamuffin (RagaMuffin) is a popular cat breed, which was obtained during work on the crossbreeding of the well-known in our country breed of ragdoll and outbred cats, which allowed to significantly diversify the original color. The American breed is currently recognized only by CFA and ACFA.

History of breed origin

The history of the origin of the breed is rather vague, as the breeder and breeder - Ann Baker, who is involved in breeding and improving the Ragdoll breed, carried out work to expand the color palette of colors with the involvement of "street" cats.

It is interesting! Initially, Ann Baker called the resulting original breed “Cherub”, which means “Higher Angel” and has a origin similar to Christian mythology, and the name ragamuffin currently used is translated from English as “ragged” and indicates the presence of Outbred cat genes.

The gene pool of absolutely not purebred, but with beautiful external data of animals, allowed not only to create, but to further approve a completely new breed. In experimental breeding, the breeder used pedigree Ragdolls and "stray" individuals with a suitable color. As a result, the color palette was expanded and the pedigree gene pool was significantly strengthened.

Ragamuffin Description

In appearance and character traits, all ragamuffins very much resemble ragdolls, and the main difference is represented by a variety of colors. Ragamuffin breed belongs to the category of large, so the average weight of an adult sexually mature cat is about 9.5-10 kg, and a fully formed cat is in the range of 5.5-6.0 kg.


A distinctive feature of ragamuffin is the presence of a large and long body with well-defined and well-developed muscles. The animal has a triangular-shaped head and slightly rounded large ears, on the ends of which so-called trot brushes can be present.

The eyes are oval in shape, bright green, amber or blue. The paws of a cat of this breed are strong and are proportional to the size of the body of the animal.

Type of coat and color

If the Ragdolls are very limited in the main, pedigree color palette, then the Ragamuffins can have a “fur coat” of any color.. In the breed, white spots, “mink” and “sepia” colors are allowed, as well as various combinations of stripes or spots and many other options. Currently prevailing, it is considered to be dyeing wool, represented by:

  • Siamese color point color, including black-brown and chocolate tones;
  • Bicolor two-tone color, evenly spaced, and also with spots or whole canvases;
  • Tabby's original color, characterized by bright and contrasting spots or stripes located in bright colors.

Representatives belonging to the Ragamuffin breed can be both long-haired and medium-haired.

Breed standards

According to the detailed description and requirements submitted by CFA.

The main breed characteristics and standards are as follows:

  • wedge-shaped and modified form, characterized by smooth contours, with a rounded frontal part and chin;
  • medium-sized ears with a small angle of inclination, crowned with trotters;
  • walnut-shaped and very expressive eyes, saturated green, blue or amber yellow;
  • tail, with a length corresponding to the proportions of the body, of medium width, with a narrowing at the end;
  • a rectangular-shaped body, with a wide chest, shoulders and pelvic region, as well as a uniform, correct distribution of all weight;
  • forelimbs slightly shorter than hind limbs, with firm and rounded pads.

Wool is characterized by softness, density and silkiness. In the neck, around the hind legs and muzzle, longer hair is noted.

Ragamuffin Character

Along with ragdolls, ragamuffins are very fond of their master and all members of the household, therefore they accompany people almost constantly to get care from them or just sit on their knees.

Important! Remember that ragamuffins need enough attention, so it is undesirable to start a pet of this breed with busy work and people who are often absent from home.

From the point of view of character features, in pets of this breed, playfulness and the ability to learn some simple teams are very successfully combined. All ragamuffins quickly learn to walk in a collar and on a leash, and also have a very flexible, completely non-aggressive and unfriendly character.

Life span

Ragamuffins are very muscular and quite heavy cats that need about five years to fully develop. Despite the fact that the average life expectancy of such a breed is fourteen years, improper care and violation of conditions can significantly reduce this period.

Ragamuffin content at home

Despite the unpretentiousness, when keeping ragamuffin at home, you need to pay special attention to caring for a fairly long coat, as well as drawing up a proper diet.

According to veterinarians, pets of this breed are prone to gaining excess weight, which is extremely negative for their general health and average life expectancy.

Care and hygiene

Beautiful and very domestic ragamuffins are characterized by fairly good health, which is explained by the genes of homeless cats that have natural resistance to many diseases and adverse external factors. However, to be sure of the complete health of such a pet, it is necessary to provide him with regular preventive examinations by a veterinarian.

A characteristic feature of ragamuffin is fluffy and long hair, so it is very important to use special pastes from wool balls in the gastrointestinal tract and cat grass. It is equally important to strictly follow the vaccination schedule and systematic deworming, as well as treatment from the most common ectoparasites.

Important! Despite the fact that ragamuffins have very good health from birth, it is imperative to carefully monitor their diet, which should be correct and balanced.

A sufficiently full and powerful pet should never be too fat or overfed. When developing a complete diet for ragamuffin, it is advisable to give preference to ready-made and fully balanced, ready-to-use feeds.

Fatty meats and fish, river fish without heat treatment, flour and any pasta, sweets and pastries that can cause injury to the animal’s stomach, sharp chicken and fish bones should be completely excluded from the diet of a pet of this breed.

It should be noted that very thick and beautiful ragamuffin wool does not roll, and therefore does not need any complex, special care. It is quite enough to comb the hair of such a pet once or twice a week. Bathing is carried out as necessary, but at least once every six months. Despite the fact that the breed does not like water too much, problems with water procedures, as a rule, will not arise.

It is also necessary to pay special attention to the eyes and ears of the animal. In the presence of secretions, it is required to perform cleaning with an ordinary cotton swab dipped in a weak tea brew or special hygienic lotions with a neutral pH environment. Most often, ragamuffins independently grind their claws on specially set claws. However, if the pet is lazy, it is advisable to systematically cut the nails with special nail clippers.

How to feed ragamuffin

Ragamuffins have a very good appetite, and a full-fledged and balanced food allows such a large-sized pet to maintain tone and maintain natural activity.

It is best immediately after the acquisition to gradually accustom such an animal to a two-time meal. As practice shows, in the finished feed should contain a minimum amount of fat. The following rations of the high-quality category have proven themselves very well:

  • American feed-holistic Innova EVO or "Innova-EVO";
  • Canadian feed-holika Asana or "Akana";
  • Italian diet "super-premium" class Almo Nture or "Almo Natur";
  • American feed-holistic Egle Rusk or Eagle Pak;
  • Canadian Super Premium Premium 1st Class Indoor or Fest Choyce;
  • Canadian супер super-premium ’class of NATO Natalistic or Nau Natural Holistic;
  • Canadian Holi food Orien Cat or Origin Cat;
  • Dutch супер super-premium ’class Frank's Prо Gold or Franks Pro-Gold;
  • English diet "super-premium" class Arden Green or Arden Grange;
  • Dutch diet "super-premium" class NERO GOLD or "Nero Gold";
  • Premium Canadian Diet Eukanuba or Eukanuba;
  • premium diet from the Netherlands Nills or Hills;
  • Swedish premium food Bozita or Bozita;
  • Premium French food Purina Rro-Rlan or Purina Proplan.

When feeding natural foods, high-protein diets should be preferred, including dairy products, low-fat meats, cereals, and vegetables.

Diseases and birth defects

As a rule, a serious animal is not characterized by a severe genetic disease, but in some lines, a hereditary heart disease such as cat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy can be affected. Signs of the disease can appear in a pet at any age.. However, the disease most often occurs in older cats. Also, some owners of American breed cats sometimes experience hip dysplasia.

The main pedigree defects of ragamuffin are represented by a number of parameters that have deviations from the standards established to date:

  • the presence of a squat and short body;
  • the presence of an easily palpable spine;
  • too short tail;
  • tail section with creases;
  • the presence of small or pointed ears;
  • oversized eyes;
  • the presence of developed strabismus;
  • cotton type undercoat;
  • the presence of a cranial dome instead of a slight head curvature;
  • the presence of a Roman type nose.

Among the permissible are exceptions, represented by an undeveloped fat layer in the abdomen and insufficient weight in young and not neutered cats of the American breed. The presence of a thinner skeleton and a refined head, as well as an incompletely developed eye color in young females, is also quite acceptable. Castrated animals and kittens may have a poorly defined collar zone and a short coat. A special feature is the presence of seasonal changes in the coat, as well as the darkening of the shade of coat in age-related animals.

Parenting and training

Ragamuffins are currently among the most easily bred cats, due to the very calm and good-natured nature of such an obedient pet. As practice shows, raising kittens of this breed is not at all difficult. It is very desirable to train Ragamuffin in time to sharpen his claws on "scratchers" specially designed for this purpose.

It is interesting! The breed is characterized by excellent quick wit and readiness to carry out the commands of the owner, so this pet can be quickly and easily trained in some, not too difficult tricks.

Since the acquisition of the Ragamuffin kitten, you need to start accustoming such a pet to the toilet. The tray is installed in a place designated for these purposes. Using observational tactics of behavior, it is quite easy to notice the time when the kitten most often fulfills its natural needs.

At this point, you need to carefully transfer it to the tray toilet. The use of special odorous sprays sold by veterinary pharmacies and pet stores gives a good result.

Buy a cat of ragamuffin breed

Ragamuffins are almost ideal pets that have gained popularity and demand in different countries of the world.. Well-established kennels that specialize in breeding unusual cat breeds currently operate in America and Canada, the UK and Austria, as well as in South Korea and the Netherlands.

What to look for

If you independently choose a kitten that is so rare in our country, the American breed, you need to give preference to babies with a gentle nature and having a bright, rich eye color, which indicates the pedigree of the animal. In addition, the purchased ragamuffin kitten should have a rectangular and wide chest, as well as well-developed shoulders, rather heavy and muscular type hind legs, the same width with the shoulders.

Ragamuffin price

Surprisingly, domestic breeders prefer breeding ragdolls, and nurseries with ragamuffins are a very rare phenomenon. This situation arose because not all felinological organizations recognized this breed. It is for this reason, to purchase a kitten of such an American breed on the territory of our country is currently very problematic.

As a rule, only private, single breeders who sell one and a half month old kittens at a price of 30 to 60-70 thousand rubles are engaged in ragamuffin breeding. The cost of such a pet depends on external data, gender, rarity of color and pedigree.

Owner reviews

Calm and quick-witted, cheerful, playful and affectionate pet very easily adapts to the content in almost any conditions. The American breed ragamuffin gets along well with various pets, but the hunting instincts of such a cat are completely absent.

Incredibly calm and balanced ragamuffin is the most suitable pet for the family, which does not show even the slightest signs of aggression, both to all households and to other animals.

This breed has no drawbacks in principle. An experienced American breeder Anne Baker tried to breed as a result of crossing an ideal pet for home maintenance, and, I must say, the breeder was able to do this in full. American ragamuffins are very loyal, affectionate and playful, unpretentious pets with incredibly good health, attractive appearance and good disposition.

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