Kurilian Bobtail

If you get a Kurilian Bobtail, you will soon notice how spectacular, unusual, bright and incredible personality you get in the face of this cute, gentle cat. This breed is so devoted to its owner that, sometimes, the owners do not even need to exert themselves much, because the cat has a well-developed memory, listens to any commands, never responds to other people's nicknames or "kitty-kitty", only in its name. The Kuril Bobtail is a fearless cat, it is not afraid of anyone, therefore it easily served as a guard dog in the Kuril Islands. If you look closely, this cat adopted a lot of things from dogs, it runs fast like them, and at the same time it makes characteristic sounds that look like a dog snuggle.

The Kuril Bobtail or it is also called the cat-lynx, on Kunashir and Iturup as a home guard and hunter. Unlike ordinary cats, which are even afraid of a drop of water, they love to swim, go fishing with their owners. The Kurilian Bobtail is sometimes so formidable that sometimes even hunting dogs are afraid of them. These cats are never the first to rush at the enemy, if necessary, grind their teeth and therefore other animals are even afraid to come close to them.

Besides the fact that the bobtail are excellent watchmen, they still know how to catch rats. There are huge hordes of rats on the Kuril Islands, so cats help get rid of these harmful and hated animals. A cat of the Kurilian Bobtail or a cat on a par with rodents. Not only do they destroy herds of rats, they also manage to crawl into their burrows and kill rat babies. Even in ordinary Russian apartments, the Bobtail from the Kuril Islands will not sit idle, it will destroy the mouse or mosquito, and if necessary, cockroaches will be nipped. So the instinct of the hunter never fades in them.

Kurilian Bobtail is characterized by short ponytails. That’s why they are bobtail, "tail like a bean". Yes, in these nice cats, the tail resembles a ball or a large round droplet. Bobtail tail is still interpreted in a completely different way, i.e. "scanty", as if chopped off at the tip. But did you know that in nature there are no bobtail from the Kuril Islands that would have the same tails!

A little more about the "smokers"

Kurilian Bobtail bred at the end of the twentieth century. Initially, they were known as natives in the Kuril Islands, as we wrote, their daily work included running after rats, killing them, as well as hunting with their owners and fishing. So, it was worth one of the researchers of the Kuril Islands to notice an unusual cat, not at all like a domestic one, with a short tail, so she fell into his soul. It was decided to bring one individual to his home in order to bring out more of these smart and funny creatures.

After the Kuril Islands, the first to know the existence of bobtail cats were Russians. Well, Japan, it’s nearby, our military men who served in Japan in those years began to massively drag them to Russia. So, literally after the collapse of the Union, the very first Kurilian Bobtail arrives in Moscow, which it was decided to call Chip - O. Breeders vividly started to bring out new Bobtail. One of the very first bobtail cats was a cat bred in the late 90s by felinologist Olga Mironova. Six years later, the standard of this breed was recognized by the IFC. In 1996, the country's first nursery appeared in the capital of the Russian Federation, where it still contains "Kuril". After Russia, in Europe clubs of scanty bobtail lovers also began to appear little by little, more such nurseries and clubs today in American cities, as well as in Italian, Polish and German large cities.

It is interesting!Nowadays, officially Kurilian bobtails at various international and generally accepted exhibitions, as well as for the purpose of advertising the breed, are always exhibited as a completely new, recently bred breed in the international cat association TICA. And since 2009, short-haired and half-long bobtails are recognized World Cat Federation and Fédération Internationale Féline.

Description of the Kuril Bobtail

Despite the seemingly large appearance, the Bobtails from the Kuril Islands are not large, but their body is very strong and muscular. The back is slightly arched, and the croup is raised. Despite this, the cat's body is not at all coarse. The head looks like a triangle with equal sides of the rounded head line. The cat's forehead smoothly passes to the nose. At the same time, bobtails are characterized by rather low cheekbones, but incredibly puffy cheeks. The nose is always straight, the chin is not elongated and strong. The ears are not small, and not large, medium, at the base are open and set wide. The eyes are mesmerizing, set at a slight angle, so they are slightly slanted, there is no bulge. The color of the eyes is mostly yellow-green, in general, most often it harmonizes perfectly with the coat.

The legs are round and strong, the hind limbs are longer than the forelegs. The tail is short and short, with characteristic bends and creases. The length of the short tail varies from 5 to 8 cm. The tail is also called a pompon, the coat is longer on it than on other parts of the body.

Kurilian Bobtail, born with short, fine hair, have a dense undercoat and are softer. The back and bottom of the body coat is longer than on other parts of the body. Semi-long-haired bobtail also have a thin coat, but they have a longer and denser coat. Along with the pubescent tail, a beautifully lying collar on the cat’s chest and neck is noted.

The color is recognized by anyone except lilac, pure chocolate and tricolor. Bicolor is allowed, but only if the ancestor is a purebred "smoked". The most basic color variant of Kurilian Bobtail is a beautiful tiger pattern. The sides of this type of cat lie in vertical stripes, but along the entire length of the body, starting from the head and ending with a hooked tail. Spotted bobtail was and is very popular in Russia, as its color, body shape and short tail are very similar to a predatory lynx.

It is interesting!
Even without looking at the fact that all cats are “Bobtail” rare animals, our domestic popular actors and actresses also want to breed them. The Russian native is one of the youngest breeds, and Elena Proklova could not help but have it. The actress called her red-haired favorite - bobtail Arseny. And bicolor cat Zose really likes to live with Ischeeva. TV presenter Krylov (Non-Good Notes) got along well with striped Rysik. And Valentina Talyzina even brought a bunch of exotic Kurilian bobtail in her house.

Kurilian Bobtail Character

If you want to take a closer look at the habits and nature of the bobtail, it is impossible not to notice that these cats behave in exactly the same way as dogs. They are always loyal to their masters, they love to communicate, talk with them. At the same time, they rarely miss, play smartly, and learn any team easily and quickly. They never leave the owner himself, like dogs, everywhere they follow him, they sleep nearby, as if guarding. That is why precisely the “smokers” are the embodiment of a reliable, faithful, faithful dog in the cat’s body.

It is interesting!
We often hear how cats can heal. So, it is the “smokers" who have the strongest cat aura, which can instantly relieve stress, severe headache and heart palpitations.

What else positively characterizes the Kurilian bobtail is that they really love water. In the summer, you don’t need to worry how to bathe your pet so that it doesn’t scratch you all, Bobtail himself will climb into a basin of water to freshen up on a hot, sultry day. Note that unlike other purebred cats, Kurilian Bobtail Be sure to bathe often and for a long time, because when bathing their wool does not get wet much. Cats acquired this unique waterproof property from their ancestors living in the Kuril Islands, characterized by a humid climate. That is why their wool has learned not to get wet, the drops of water do not remain on the wool for a long time, draining from it with a little stream and not soaking at all.

For any apartments Kurilian Bobtail will become a treasure, as it never marks the territory, does not smell at all and rarely shed. To allergy sufferers, Bobtail will become indispensable pets, as they never cause allergies. They love kids, play with them, live quietly side by side with dogs. They start to walk late, only after two years they begin to get loose and bring into the light no more than four kittens.

Care for the Kuril Bobtail

It is very easy to care for the smokers, their fur is not spread throughout the hut. Therefore, only 2 times a week they need to be combed to rid the cat of old, dead hair.

Feed the cat should be any meat (the meat of caught game chicken adore). Semi-digested cereals and grass should also be added to the daily diet. In general, make sure that the cat’s food is mostly protein. Buy fish, eggs, any dairy products for your pet, and do not forget to add a ready-made complex of vitamins and minerals specially designed for cats to food.

Where to buy and how much

Nowadays, pedigree Kurilian Bobtail can be purchased in the well-known Moscow nursery "Golden Mean", Also in St. Petersburg and other major cities of Russia nurseries for lovers of Kurilian Bobtail exist almost everywhere. In Ukraine, "smokers" are sold in the famous "Moreman". And Belarusians can buy a Kurilian Bobtail home by visiting the local Minsk kennel "Geppy Hunter".

The cost of small Kurilian bobtail depends on what class the kitten is, what color it is, where it is sold, whether there is a pedigree on it (i.e. whether there are direct ancestors of the bobtail). For this reason, for one such cat, it is possible to lay out from two to sixteen thousand rubles.

Video: Kuril Bobtail

Watch the video: Cats 101 Animal Planet - Kurilian Bobtail High Quality (February 2020).

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