Rare animals from the Red Book of Russia and the whole world

Today, due to the extremely aggressive anthropogenization of our planet, as well as the fact that nature is increasingly suffering from the results of a person who litter it with various man-made wastes, and often just his frivolous attitude to the flora and fauna, many species of animals, From time immemorial living in various territories of Russia, were on the verge of extinction.

To at least slightly stop this process and teach people to take care of the living nature that surrounds them, the Red Book of Russia was created. It contains not only animals, the number of which in connection with the destruction of humans, sometimes is only a couple of dozen individuals, but also plants, insects, birds, mushrooms ...

Animals from the Red Book of Russia

Below are the animals listed in the Red Book of Russia, which should be treated with special attention and frugality.

Red or mountain wolf

Body length up to 1 meter, weight from 12 to 21 kg, looks like a fox, in fact, it suffered for this. Woe-hunters, not particularly versed in the intricacies of zoology, subjected this species to mass shooting. Basically, a mountain wolf attracted people with its beautiful fluffy fur, bright red color and a distinctive "highlight" - the tip of the tail, which, unlike the fox, was black. The red wolf lives in the Far East, in China and Mongolia, prefers to travel in small flocks - from 8 to 15 individuals.

Sea lion

Three-meter Pacific eared seal, habitat - Kuril and Commander Islands, Kamchatka and Alaska. The body length of an adult male Steller sea lion can reach three meters, and weight - one ton!

Amur (Ussuri) tiger

The Amur (Ussuri) tiger is a rare feline subspecies that has survived on the territory of our country. It is known that on the coastal ridge of the Sikhote-Alin, the population of these wild cats was still the least. Amur tigers can reach two meters in length. Their tail is also long - up to one meter.

Taimen, or ordinary taimen

Taimen is listed in the Red Book of Russia and is especially protected in several regions of the Russian Federation. According to IUCN, common taimen populations are exterminated or significantly reduced in 39 of 57 river basins: only a few populations living in remote places are considered stable.

Musk deer

Musk deer is a cloven-hoofed animal, outwardly resembling a deer, but unlike it, without horns. But the musk deer has another means of protection - fangs growing on the upper jaw of the animal, because of which this harmless creature, in fact, was even considered a vampire drinking the blood of other animals.

Forest dormouse

Forest dormouse is officially listed in the Red Book of some regions of the Russian Federation. These are Kursk, Oryol, Tambov and Lipetsk regions. Internationally, this species is protected by the Vienna Convention. It is also included in the IUCN Red List.

Far Eastern Leopard

The Far Eastern leopard is a smart animal listed in the Red Book, which will never attack a person. But does our man think so? Not! Despite the prohibitions, poachers continue to exterminate these animals, and not only them. Massively destroyed and the main food of the leopard - roe deer and sika deer. In addition, for the construction of new highways and households, entire forests are destroyed, and remove animals and all vegetation.

White-headed dolphin

Short-headed dolphin with black sides and fins, body length about three meters. A small beak up to 5 cm makes them cute and unusual. In the waters of Russia, the white-faced dolphin lives only in the Barents and Baltic seas.

Snow Leopard (Irbis)

Another predator listed in the Red Book of Russia. The habitat of the snow leopard is the mountainous regions of Central Asia. It is because of living in an inaccessible and harsh environment that this animal has still retained its registration in the list of animals existing on our planet, although already rare.

Mountain ram (argali, argali)

Arkhar today is the largest representative belonging to the category of wild sheep. In the Latin species name Ammon, the name of the god Amon is traced.

Amur goral

A subspecies of a mountain goat, lives in the Primorsky Territory, representatives of this species are kept together in small groups - from 6 to 8 individuals. The abundance of this species in Russia is small - approximately 700 individuals. A species similar to the Amur goral is found on the Tibet Plateau and the Himalayas.

Dappled deer

At the beginning of the last century, the sika deer almost disappeared from the face of the earth. He was killed for the sake of tasty meat, original skin, but especially because of the young velvety horns (antlers), on the basis of which miraculous potions were made.

Far Eastern tortoise

In a significant part of the range, the Far Eastern tortoise is a fairly common species, but in Russia it is a reptile - a rare species whose total number is rapidly declining.


A subspecies of a wild Asian donkey, at the moment in nature is practically not found. Some individuals were recorded in Central Asia and the Middle East. To restore the population of the species, one of the reserves of Turkmenistan was forced to take up the artificial breeding of these animals.

Manul (Pallasov cat)

Wild cat with very fluffy and long hair - up to 9000 hairs per square centimeter of body! It is found in Tuva, the Altai Republic and Transbaikalia.

Asian cheetah

Previously, it lived on a vast territory from the Arabian Sea to the Syr Darya River Valley, now the number of this species in nature is about 10 individuals, and in the zoos of the world - only 23.

Atlantic walrus

Its habitat is the Barents and Kara Seas. The body length of an adult walrus reaches up to 4 meters, and weight - up to one and a half tons. By the middle of the twentieth century it was almost completely exterminated; now, thanks to the efforts of ecologists, a slow population growth is noted, but no one can tell the exact number of the species, since it is very, very difficult to get to the rookeries of these animals without special equipment and icebreakers.


Small slender and light-footed antelope. The height of the males is up to 85 cm and the weight is about 40 kg, black hollow horns, the color of the fur is yellowish-buff. Females reach a height of up to 75 cm and a weight of up to 30 kg. These antelopes, typical inhabitants of the steppes and deserts, used to be found in the south of the Altai Mountains, but were driven out from there due to the active population of these places.

Central Asian Leopard

The Central Asian leopard, also known as the Caucasian leopard (Panthera pardus ciscaucasica), belongs to predatory mammals from the Feline family. This subspecies of the leopard lives mainly in western Asia and is a bright, but very rare representative of the genus Panther.

These are just a few inhabitants of natural communities whose existence is under threat.

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Animals protected worldwide

The Red Book contains many other species of endangered animals. However, the protection of animals is carried out not only in the territory of the Russian Federation, but in all measure. The following are individuals that are protected in other countries.

African lion

The lion has always been the king of animals, even in ancient times this animal was idolized. For the ancient Egyptians, the lion acted as a guard creature, guarding the entrance to another world. For the ancient Egyptians, the god of fertility Aker was portrayed with a lion's mane. In the modern world, many emblems of states depict the king of animals.

Lemur Lory

Lorieva belong to a fairly large family of primates. These tree dwellers are relatives of the Galaga family, and together form the infra-detachment of Loridae.

Blue macaw

Blue Macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii) is a feathered representative of the parrot family, as well as the only species of the Blue Macaw genus from the order Parrot-like.

Bengal tiger

Bengal tiger (Latin: Panther tigris tigris or Panther tigris bengalsis) is a subspecies of the tiger belonging to the order Carnivores, the Feline family and the Panther genus. Bengal tigers are the national animals of historical Bengal or Bangladesh, as well as China and India and are listed in the Red Book.

Leatherback Turtle or Loot

Few people know that a leatherback turtle (loot) flaunts on all official papers of the maritime department belonging to the Republic of Fiji. For residents of the archipelago, a sea turtle represents speed and excellent navigational skills.

Brown bear

A brown or ordinary bear is a predatory mammal from the bear family. This is one of the largest and most dangerous species of terrestrial predators.

Steppe harrier

Steppe harrier (Sirus masrourus) is an endangered species, a migratory bird of prey, belonging to the family Hawk and order Hawk-shaped.

Green turtle

The largest sea turtles are very beautiful in the natural environment, when they graze in coastal waters in dense algae or cut through the water surface with powerful forepaws equipped with flippers.

Curlew birds

Curlews (Numenius) are very bright and interesting representatives of birds belonging to the Bekasov family and Charadriiformes order.

Antelope Jeyran

A small and very graceful animal with its appearance and complexion almost completely corresponds to all the ideas of ordinary people about gazelles.

Spotted hyena

Spotted hyena is a predatory mammal of the hyena family. This is the most common representative of the Crocuta species. They are also known as laughing paramedics in Africa.

Puffin bird

The Atlantic impasse is in the IUCN Red List and is recognized as a vulnerable species. Until 2015, it had the status Low risk - a view out of danger.

Lion Marmosets

A special place among primates is occupied by a group of small monkeys - lion marmosets. Their hair sparkles as if they were dusted with gold dust. Unfortunately, this species of monkey is on one of the leading places in the list of endangered animal species.

Olive turtle

The olive turtle, also called the olive ridley - a small sea turtle, is now under protection because of the threat of extinction due to extermination by people and the influence of natural threats.

Maned wolf

In South America, there is one unique animal called the maned wolf (guar). It simultaneously possesses the features of a wolf and a fox and belongs to relict animals. Guara has an unusual appearance: elegant, unusual for a wolf, physique, long legs, sharp muzzle and rather large ears.

Brownie Shark or Goblin Shark

Lack of knowledge and the inability to correctly determine the total number of goblin sharks existing today allowed scientists to decide on its inclusion in the International Red Book as a rare and poorly studied species.

Spectacled bear

The Spectacled Bear (Tremarctos ornatus), also well known as the Andean Bear, is a fairly rare predatory mammal belonging to the bear family and the genus Spectacled Bears.

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